COVID-19 Update


Cleanliness protocols

-Enhanced in-room cleaning using EcoLabCovid-free certified products and cleaning in high temperatures of all bedding.
-Frequent disinfection of all public areas and high touch spaces during the day.
-Increased cleaning and focusing on high- touch areas like associate entrances, laundry rooms, and staff offices.


Trained Staff

-Online training of all staff members on hygiene protocols and management of potential incidents.
-Every staff member will comply to the WHO hygiene and safety protocols (hand cleaning, keep distances, mask, gloves, etc)


Reception Services

-Arriving guests will bethermometered, will be provided with sanitizers and the reception area will be disinfected frequently.
-The check-in and the checkout will be done with no physical or material contact where possible to cater those who prefer this.


Medical Support for Guests

According to official government notice Villa Pitsa & Villa George has established:

-Appointed doctors near the premises.
-Official representative for Covid-19 related incidents and health and safety procedures.
-Communication with hospital.

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